What can you expect from a career working with animals?

The age-old saying goes that if you find a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. So, what is it that truly gets your blood pumping? If you adore all things furry, cute, and errr… not so cute, choosing one of the jobs that work with animals is an obvious decision. Let's take a look at nine of the many options that exist.

Top jobs that work with animals

As a nation of animal lovers, there are plenty of jobs to work with animals out there, regardless of your current skill set or education.

1. Vet

What is the best-paying job that works with animals? Here's your answer. With annual average wage reaching up to £50,000, vets are among the most popular jobs for animal lovers. Of course, you can't simply walk into this career. You'll need to undertake a five-year degree in veterinary science or a similar subject. Before you can get onto that degree, you'll need to prove that you have a strong foundation in science. Be aware though – this is a highly competitive field. When you do get a job, you'll be caring for animals' health, completing check-ups, and administering medication, while working from a local surgery. 

Key skills for your CV: emotional intelligence, problem resolution, and analytical thinking

2. Wildlife Biologist

Have you got an inquisitive mind? Pair that with a natural love of animals, and you might find that one of the jobs to work with animals is a wildlife biologist. To land this high-powered gig that comes with an average salary of £32,100, you'll need a degree in a relevant field. Some of the subjects you could choose include biology, zoology, ecology, or environmental biology. Combine that with relevant work experience, and you should find this wildlife career path a breeze. This varied career will see you work in a wide range of places, from animals' natural habitats to zoos and conservation centres. You could provide game-changing insights into the animals you work with, while working alongside researchers on studies and projects. 

Key skills for your CV: research, data analysis, and critical thinking

3. Animal Technician

With an average salary reaching up to £28,000, this is a role for people who care deeply for animal welfare within research facilities and animal hospitals. It's not a job for the squeamish though. Being an animal technician involves dealing with ethical dilemmas, such as balancing animal welfare with research needs, including euthanasia, collecting samples, and breeding specific species solely for research purposes.

Key skills for your CV: animal behaviour, medicine administration, and sample collection

4. Animal Trainer 

Whether it's working with dogs or horses, training animals can be an extremely fulfilling career path. If you want to make an average salary of £27,912 and work directly with your favourite animals, this is the job for you. You may be training animals to do tricks, behave better in public places, or become working animals. To get started, the best way forward is to become an apprentice. That means learning from someone who is already established in the field. 

Key skills for your CV: teaching, record keeping, and presentation

5. Animal Caretaker / Animal Care Worker 

Fancy working in a zoo, rescue centre, or sanctuary with the lions, tigers, and bears? Becoming an animal caretaker means having the chance to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures whilst making up to £24,000 per year. One of the animal welfare jobs out there, this role expects you to take excellent care of animals, meaning everything from nail-clipping and grooming to bathing and feeding. And the great thing about this position? You don't need any entry-level qualifications, just a genuine care and concern for animals in kennels or enclosures.

Key skills for your CV: animal management, teamwork, and behavioural observation

6. Dog Groomer 

While we're on the subject of pampered pooches, have you considered this role as one of the best jobs to work with animals? Dog groomers can make an average of between £13,500 to £20,000 a year. This position does what it says on the tin – you get paid to groom dogs. If that sounds like your bag, there are plenty of courses you can take to help you get started. You may find that the easiest avenue into this career is to do an internship or volunteer at an established dog grooming business in order to learn your trade. 

Key skills for your CV: client engagement, attention to detail, and business management

7. Zookeeper

What does a zookeeper do? When you think of jobs to work with animals, this role, earning between £14,000 to £25,000 per year, may be one of the first that springs to mind. If you can picture yourself looking after zoo animals, reporting any health issues, and managing the day-to-day running of the business, this role is for you. To get yourself this type of animal welfare job, you'll need to gain a degree in zoology, zoo technology, biology, or a related field. 

Key skills for your CV: animal maintenance, animal husbandry, and animal handling

8. Dog Walker 

Love the great outdoors? If you're a fan of getting out there to stretch your legs, as well as of nature-related jobs, why not make a career out of it? Dog walkers in the UK can earn an average of around £10.21 an hour. You don't need any credentials to get started in this career. You may decide to join a dog walking agency, or start your own business, advertising your services locally. If you do the latter, remember you'll need to register with HMRC and do your own tax returns. 

Key skills for your CV: organisation, effective communication, and interpersonal intelligence

9. Pet Sitter

Looking for a side gig where you can work with animals? Pet sitting could be the answer. Average annual salary is £24,210, but you can also set your own rates in this role! When people go on holiday or take a mini-break, some prefer to find someone to look after their pets rather than taking them to kennels. That means coming into their home, feeding their pets, and checking they're safe. While you don't need any qualifications for this job, building up a solid reputation and client base is vital. You might want to get started by signing up on a website – such as Cat in a Flat – and advertising.

Key skills for your CV: reliability, animal behaviour, and trustworthiness

Get paid to work with animals

There's a whole bunch of viable options if you crave a job to work with animals. This type of career is a highly attainable dream. Additionally, people who work with animals often find themselves in high-paying roles down the line. No matter your current qualifications and work experience, there are ways to weave your passion into your career. Explore your options on animal care sites or dedicated job boards, and see which one works for you. You've got this!  

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