Watch out! These are the warning signs of getting fired.

Have things felt a tad 'off' at work lately? Perhaps you've noticed a palpable vibe that you just can't shake. Have you had a gut feeling that perhaps your co-workers have begun avoiding you for no apparent reason. These things may seem small, but ignoring them is a mistake – they could be signs that you are getting fired! Here are ten red flags that you mustn't overlook.

1. You're completely out of the loop

Looking for the warning signs of getting fired? Don't miss this one: You're left off email chains, not invited to meetings, or just generally out of the loop when it comes to day-to-day details. It wasn't always this way. Little by little, however, it feels as though you've been cut out of the core company. Perhaps your boss or manager thinks you no longer need to know things.

2. Your workload has gotten smaller

In any role, it's natural that you will gain more responsibilities and duties as time goes on. But what if the exact opposite is happening? You might find that certain tasks are magically disappearing from your calendar or that you've been told to delegate. This could be a sign that your boss or employer is slowly preparing your co-workers to take on your responsibilities.

3. Your role isn't developing or growing

Worse still is that your role isn't growing or developing. For example, you're no longer invited to training seminars or workshops and it's been a long time since your boss took any interest in your position. Plus, you can see no clear progression path in your role. This could be a one of the clearest signs that you're getting fired, because your boss has stopped keeping you in mind for the long term.

4. Polite chit-chat is a thing of the past

In the good old days, your work hours were peppered with polite chit-chat and casual conversation. You gossiped with co-workers about weekend plans and your boss stopped to ask how your evening was. Now, those days seem over and the only communication you get is via email. Something is most definitely up.

5. There's a weird vibe when you enter the room

You enter the office each morning to a weird, uncomfortable vibe. It may feel like the entire room stops talking the instant you walk through the door. No, you're not imagining it. Perhaps they know something that nobody wants to tell you.

6. You've been asked to train someone up

Training up a new employee could be seen as an honour. Perhaps the management team or higher ups think you're senior enough to take on the responsibility of taking a newbie under your wing. However, if you've suddenly found yourself teaching them how to do your job, alarm bells should be ringing. Could this be one of the warning signs of getting fired? You know the answer.

7. Your boss goes directly to your subordinates

In most workplaces, there's a clear hierarchical system in place. For example, you might be the head of a small team or responsible for another employee. In cases like these, your boss should come to you to find out information about your subordinates, such as how they're progressing. If your boss suddenly starts to go below you, it could be a sign that you're no longer needed.

8. There's been a "shake up" in the management team

There are few phrases in the English language as terrifying as "shake up". When uttered together, these two words tend to mean that people will be unceremoniously fired and new people will be hired. If that's happened in your company's management team, don't be surprised if more changes are on the way.

9. Your performance reviews have been poor

One of the easiest ways to tell if your job may be in danger is to consider your performance. Have you been at your best? How have your recent performance reviews been? Have you been put on a performance improvement plan (PIP)? If you've been scoring low time and time again, it's likely one of the signs you will be getting fired. These reviews are a chance to see whether or not you're on track and rectify any issues, so if they haven't been going well, you may not be satisfying those in charge.

10. You no longer get praised for your work

Can you recall the last time your boss praised you for your work? When, recently, has someone said you'd done a good job or that you've been a great team player? If it hasn't happened in a while, this is a warning sign of getting fired. After all, there are only two possible reasons for not getting any recognition: Either you don't deserve it or your workplace doesn't deserve you.


There's nothing worse than living in fear, especially when it comes to your career. If you're worried that you're about to lose your job and the evidence is clear, it's time to take action. Take steps to rebuild your reputation at work, or, if you agree that it's time to start anew, start your job search early and see what other opportunities are out there for you.

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